About Spell-Reading

Spell-reading is an effective tool for teaching non-readers how to read. It is an essential part of the Noorani Qa'idah program, from beginning to end.

The Noorani Qai'dah program features a balance of both spell-reading and reading-without-spell-reading. 

Sometimes it might be tempting to drop the spell-reading part, especially as the student gains facility in reading without spell-reading.

However, spell-reading should not be dropped along the way before the program has been completed.

Spell-reading not only teaches how to read, it provides a tool for integrating the tajweed rules into the same process -- i.e. how to read with tajweed altogether.

So, there is no need to first learn how to read Arabic, and then go back again and learn how to read Arabic with proper tajweed.

Further, using the spell-reading tool eliminates the problem of "guessing" when reading from the Mushaf (Qur'an).

Even after the Noorani Qai'dah program has been completed and the student is reading from the Mushaf, he or she will come across a difficult or unfamiliar word or phrase, especially in the beginning.

At that point, if the spell-reading tool has been mastered, it can still be used with confidence to figure out how to accurately read - with tajweed - any word or phrase in the Mushaf.

On the other hand, students who have not learned how to spell-read the entire Noorani Qai'dah book will often resort to guessing - and unfortunately often guessing wrong - in such a situation.

Again, the Noorani Qai'dah program features a balance of both spell-reading and reading-without-spell-reading. We urge teachers and students using this program to keep up the spell-reading part until the very end of the program.