Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Global Qur’an Memorization Academy is Offering Ijazza (certification) in Qur’an Memorization

With the connected chain of narration to Prophet Mohammad
 peace and prayers be upon him
 Under the direct supervision of Sheikh Mohammad Ar’raee

Program Introduction
This program is for students who already completed the Memorization of the Holy Quran and who wish to obtain an Ijazza (i.e. License), with Isnaad (i.e. chain of narration to Prophet Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him).

An Ijazza is a certification given to an individual upon proving excellence and mastery in Qur’an memorization, recitation and pronunciation.
Ijazza type
The program is offering two types of Ijazza (certification):
1)      Ijazza for the narration of Hafs ‘An ‘Aasim from the method of Ash-Shaatibiyyah
2)      Ijazza for the narration of Hamami ‘An’ Alfeel from the method  of Tayebat Annashr with Qasr Al-Munfasil
Program Duration: one month
The program will meet four days per week for four hours per day starting July 2nd through July 30th.

• Memorization of the entire Qur’an
• It is preferred, although not required, to have passed tajweed courses, or to know the tajweed poem by Imaam Al-Jazari
• It is preferred, although not required, to know chapters two & three from Minhaj Al-Muslim book
• It is preferred, although not required, to know the merits of the Qur’an

Program Details
1)      Each student is expected to recite the Qur’an from cover to cover, during this month to the instructor.
2)      Each student’s Qur’an recitation will be evaluated accordingly by the Sheikh.  Based on the outcome of this evaluation, students will either be admitted directly into the Ijazza program, or they will be assigned additional studies to further improve their recitation, and to qualify for admission.  This might include studying Tajweed.
3)      The Sheikh will assign the time for each student to listen to his/her Qur’an recitation.
4)      The program is open to all students, males and females.

5)      Upon successful completion of the program, students will be issued the Ijazza reflecting that they met the requirements of the program, which permits them to teach.


• Students should commit to attendance according to their individual schedules.
• Students should commit to reciting the amount that is allocated for them.
• Students must take the time to review with partners in class before they recite to the sheikh, to ensure minimum number of mistakes.

Program Fees

$1,500.00 for the entire program paid in three installments ($500 x 3).

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