Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teacher Training Start Tonight -- March 13 at 6pm

Teacher Training with Sheikh ar Raee starts tonight. Come early (5:45pm) for 6pm class to complete registration and payment.

As a reminder, this is an excellent opportunity in front of us to study with Sheikh ar Raee, may Allah ta'ala preserve him. We are blessed to have him in our area and he is in demand to teach this training across the country. MashaAllah, he is a person of knowledge who is the teacher of many huffadh, teachers, and imams, as well as the teacher of some of the world's best Quran reciters and one of the imams of the Ka'ba. He is a top expert in teaching al Qawa'id an Nooraniyah, the leading text worldwide for learning how to read the Qur'an. La hawla wa la qawata illa billah.

  • Teacher Training - How to teach Al Qawa'id an Nooraniyah (Noorani Qa'ida)
  • Registration, Payment and 1st Class, Tuesday 6pm - 10pm. Classes continue Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6pm - 10pm. Additional class Sunday (times to be determined), and additional testing dates.
  • $100 course + $25 (book/CD set. If you have the CDs, the book is $7)

Noorani Learning Center, ICNVT masjid, 4420 Shirley Gate Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030 (5 minutes from GMU)

Call NLC: 703-598-3236 (leave a message) or reply by email

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