Sunday, February 13, 2011

Course Description: Teacher Training Winter 2011

Course QN 101
Teacher Training - Al Qawa'id An Nooraniyah
Winter 2011

Class Days & Time:
Mondays - Fridays: 6pm - 9pm
Duration: 2 Weeks
February 14 - February 25
Plus 10 additional hours for testing, dates and times to be determined

$100 for the course (payable by cash or check)
$25 for required materials.

Break Times:
Breaks for prayer according to the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia prayer schedule.

Required Text:
Al Qawa'id An Nooraniyah book with 5 CD set. Supplemental materials provided.

This course is primarily designed to train students in the comprehensive Al Qawa'id An Nooraniyah methodology of teaching 1) reading of the Arabic Qur'an with correct pronunciation, and 2) the Art of Recitation (Tajweed).

The secondary goal is to correct and improve the student's own pronunciation, reading, and tajweed of the Qur'an using the Al Qawa'id An Nooraniyah methodology.

The course includes instruction in:
-- The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge
-- Merits of the Qur'an
-- Classroom Management
-- Goals and Method of Teaching Every Lesson of Al Qawa'id An Nooraniyah (17 Lessons)
-- Intensive Practice in the Al Qawa'id An Nooraniyah Methodology
-- Correction and Improvement of the Student's Own Pronunciation and Reading
-- Tajweed Theory

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Recommended for:
-- Arabic and Qur'an Teachers

-- Managers of Arabic and Qur'an Schools
-- Parents of Students Learning Arabic and Qur'an
-- Self-Motivated Teen and Adult Learners

Methods of Instruction:
-- Lectures
-- Q&A / Discussion Format
-- Teamwork (Work in Pairs and Small Groups)
-- One-on-One with the Instructor
-- Self-Study
-- Handouts
-- Homework
-- Oral Quizzes
-- Study Guide Workbook
-- Optional Projects

Successful results of Student Evaluation and Testing will be rewarded with certification.

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